Posts Skype for Business Desktop sharing disconnect.

Skype for Business Desktop sharing disconnect.

    During testing of using Skype for business for Audio/Video conferencing all was going well, until enabling desktop sharing. When ever anyone in the group (all on LAN to each other) we would start a storm of disconnects from Skype.

    While troubleshooting the problem, it was noticed that the person who initiated the desktop sharing would get a very brief, about 2-3 second drop from the internet completely. Through initiating a packet capture “Capture asp type asp-drop” we noticed that the client ip was getting shunned. It appears that “threat-detection scanning-threat” was actually quick shunning the IP based on the UDP packet flood that was generated from Skype. A quick work around was to do a “scanning-threat shun except ip-address” was a quick work around to the problem.

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